The Oracle Challenge

Doing business with Oracle is difficult and risky.  Whether you are moving away from Oracle and trying to spend less, or you plan to spend more and use more, Oracle does not make it easy for you.

Your Challenge

Your organization is under constant pressure to negotiate better deals, reduce costs, and maintain compliance with your Oracle contracts.  You need access to reliable and trustworthy information so you can take control of your Oracle business relationship and lead your organization’s digital transformation.


Paliversity’s Oracle courses were created by Palisade Compliance, the leading independent provider of Oracle business advisory services.  We’ve been educating people, companies, and government agencies on Oracle practices for over 25 years and all that experience is available to you through Paliversity.

What Is Paliversity?

Paliversity is a comprehensive technology-driven online learning platform built to provide you and your organization with the information and training you need to take control from Oracle.  Created by the Palisade Compliance team of experts, Paliversity brings over 200 years of Oracle related experience directly to your desktop or mobile device.  Whether you are in vendor management, procurement, software asset management, legal, or an executive looking for answers, Paliversity can help you succeed.

Course List

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Take Control Of Your Remote Negotiations With Oracle

How to Control and Oracle Audit

Controlling Your Oracle Relationship

Introduction Into Oracle Contracts

Oracle Software Licensing

Take Control Of Your Oracle ULA

Best Practices When Running Oracle In A Virtualized Environment

How to Negotiate The Best Deal With Oracle

Oracle Cloud Licensing

Reduce Your Oracle Support Spend

Oracle Compliance Best Practices

What To Negotiate With Oracle

Measuring Usage Of Database Options and Packs

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