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Paliversity is the free online training portal built and maintained by the expert team at Palisade Compliance. Our goal at Palisade Compliance is to spread our knowledge of Oracle licensing, compliance, and contracting so companies and governments all over the world can take back control from Oracle. Set your own digital transformation path, whether that is with Oracle or without Oracle. Simply complete the sign-up form to begin enrollment. Remember, all courses and materials on Paliversity are completely free.

Palisade Compliance

Since 2011, Palisade Compliance has grown into the largest independent Oracle-focused advisory firm. Now, with more than 350 clients all over the world, Palisade Compliance is the clear industry leader for companies and governments looking for help with Oracle. Palisade Compliance has over 250 years of Oracle related experience on staff. In fact, the Palisade Compliance delivery team is 100% former Oracle contracts, LMS compliance, business practices, and sales.


What Makes Palisade Different


Our team of experts

The Palisade Compliance delivery team is 100% former Oracle contracts, LMS compliance, business practices, and sales. While still with Oracle, our team: created and built Oracle’s global contracts organization; lead Oracle’s business practices groups around the world; developed Oracle’s LMS global audit processes, tools, and methodologies; and delivered license and contracts training throughout Oracle and to Oracle customers.

Palisade Compliance technology

Palisade Compliance has invested eight years and millions of dollars developing proprietary technologies and methodologies to analyze your Oracle contracts and usage. Our tools and engines can track, measure, and report on any product Oracle sells. Results are designed to provide you with facts and flexibility, and not restrict you to having to buy more Oracle.


Palisade does not resell, or make money from the sale of any product, whether it’s an Oracle product or the product of one of our partners. When we find potential compliance issues, we work with our client to exhaust all alternative ways of responsibly resolving the issue, instead of simply paying Oracle more money.

Oracle focus

Palisade stays focused on one thing – our client’s position with Oracle. Oracle is unique and does business differently from other software and cloud companies. Oracle products and services are incredibly diverse, and Oracle has acquired more than 100 companies over the years. We can also help you with any product or service that Oracle has acquired. Palisade goes deeper into solving our clients’ problems with Oracle and their acquisitions than anyone else.