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Paliversity is now available in three tiers


Paliversity Subscription

With a Paliversity Subcription the user gains access to all of Paliversity’s Oracle related education classes. These courses are designed to give the user a thorough and up to date view of specific Oracle licensing, contracting, cloud, compliance, and cost containment topics. Paliversity’s Oracle focused classes are designed and developed by Palisade Compliance experts. Palisade is the leading independent Oracle business advisory firm helping over 400 clients around the world take control of Oracle while saving billions of dollars in unnecessary spend.

Paliversity Plus

A Paliversity Plus Subscription provides all the benefits of a Paliversity Subscription PLUS access to 4 separate one-hour live webinars a year where you can ask questions and receive information on any new changes, updates, or trends in the Oracle world that you may need to know to stay in control of Oracle.

Paliversity Platinum

The Paliversity Platinum Subscription provides all the benefits of the Paliversity Plus Subscription AND each subscriber company will receive 5 extra hours of Advisory Services from a Palisade Compliance Director (or above) level expert to assist the subscriber with their specific Oracle challenges. Paliversity Platinum provides the optimal balance of self-learning, regular updates, and on demand access to Palisade expertise. Paliversity Platinum Subscriptions are licensed for a minimum of 5 users per company.