On-Demand Oracle Courses

The courses listed below were built from the ground up by Palisade Compliance. The materials were specifically designed to help Oracle’s customers overcome the most pressing and most difficult challenges they face today. Over 200 years of combined Oracle experience, working with thousands of Oracle customers, enabled us to gather the knowledge included in these courses.

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Oracle Compliance Best Practices

Managing your Oracle estate, both on premise and in the cloud, is a basic requirement for any Oracle customer.  Leveraging your knowledge will help you get the most from your investments, lower your costs, and avoid mistakes that can lead to multimillion dollar non compliance findings. (Yes, there are cloud audits!)

In this seminar we will review the best practices to managing your Oracle assets, lessons learned from working with hundreds of clients, and what you can do today that will make a difference to your organization.

How To Negotiate The Best Deal With Oracle

Everything with Oracle is negotiable, provided you have the right tools at your disposal. In this course we analyze Oracle’s contracting and negotiation strategies and how they leave you without the time or leverage required to negotiate a fair deal.

We will then pivot to how you can force Oracle to the bargaining table, on your terms,  and negotiate a contract that has better pricing and better terms for your organization. 


Take Control Of Your Remote Negotiations With Oracle

In this seminar we talk about how current times can impact your business with Oracle and what you can do to take control of your negotiations.

The goal is to help you not only come out of your Oracle negotiations with a better outcome, but to also retain normalcy so that the process does not get out of control, you have the time to continue all of your job responsibilities, and do not spend too much of your day on Oracle negotiations.

How To Control An Oracle Audit

This seminar details Oracle’s strategy and tactics when conducting license audits through their LMS, SIA, and GLAS organizations.

We review Oracle’s approach and how you can use your contracts to seize control of the audit, make it transparent and fair, and ultimately pay less money to Oracle.

This session was created and produced by the same team that successfully defended Mars, Specsavers, State of Washington, and GSA through their Oracle audits.

Introduction Into Oracle Contracts

Oracle contracts are among the most complex, confusing, and risky agreements in the IT industry. This puts Oracle customers in a very bad position.

In this seminar we will review Oracle’s contract structure as well as the major terms that you should be aware of as you work with Oracle products and services. Understanding the complexity of your Oracle contracts, and managing their vagaries to your advantage will help reduce costs and risks, and stay in control of Oracle.

This seminar should be a prerequisite to anyone contracting with Oracle.

Reduce Your Oracle Support Spend

We begin this seminar by analyzing Oracle’s support business and their strategies to lock you into a series of annual support cost increases with no end in sight.

After we review Oracle’s strategy, we discuss 10 ways you can reduce your Oracle support costs.

Every Oracle customer can reduce their support costs, it all depends on whether you will take control and do the required work.


Measuring Usage of Database Options and Packs

Finding usage of the Oracle database is not difficult. Tools and scripts can do that. The most challenging aspect of an Oracle technology license audit is detecting usage of database options and packs that trigger extra cost licensing events.

This seminar will review how you can determine whether or not you are using the Oracle options and packs that cause customers the most compliance problems.

Oracle ULA Lifecyle Optimization

We review all aspects of Oracle ULA management: from negotiating the correct terms, to managing your ULA,  all the way through ULA certification and post ULA management.

The materials in this course will help you get the most from your ULA investment, stay in compliance, and avoid the traps inherent in Oracle’s ULA process.


Oracle Compliance Best Practices - Spanish and German

Our Oracle Compliance Best Practices module is also offered in Spanish and German.