About Paliversity

Helping you take back control from Oracle – one class at a time.

Our mission at Palisade Compliance has always been educational. From our blogs, vlogs, and webinars all the way through our work with clients, the Palisade team is constantly providing guidance and insight into Oracle’s behavior, policies, strategies, and contracts.  In fact, many of the experts on our Palisade Compliance team were the trainers at Oracle.  We trained Oracle staff and now we can help you and your organization with the information you need to move forward in a direction of your choosing.

What makes Paliversity learning different?

  1. All classes were creataed by the premier experts at Palisade Compliance.
  2. Paliversity is a learning management platform and not a random collection of videos or blogs jumping from topic to topic.
  3. Palisade learning modules are curated and tailored to our clients.
  4. With Paliversity, you log in, get your answer, and then get out to do what you get paid to do.